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Helen Turner

With only one week to go until Christmas Eve, I think it’s safe to say most people are on the countdown to the festivities now! If you’re still at work this week, you may well be on the lookout for a Secret Santa gift, so check out these last minute solutions (nearly all of them under £5!).

  1. I Survived Another Meeting Notebooks - £3.99

    I think everyone can relate to this cheeky sentiment, especially if you work in an office environment! Comes in a set of 2.

image1 (86).jpeg

2. Hangover Recovery Kit Bag - £1.00

This would make a great gift for a co-worker. Fill it up with fun hangover remedies to have following a big night out!

3. Pinball Game - £4.75


This is a great Secret Santa solution if you’re on a tight budget!

GB01934 (1).jpg

4. Calorie Counter - £4.99

A tongue in cheek gift for a foodie maybe?!

image2 (4).jpeg

5. Cocktail Gummies - £2.99

These gorgeous cocktail gummies are one of our best sellers all year round but would definitely add a little sparkle and fizz to Christmas! Available in 4 different flavours - prosecco, gin, rose and strawberry daiquiri.

6. Gauci Mini Tin Candle - £4.49

This is a perfect gift if you live locally to our little shop in the South Wales area. Beautiful scented candles with quirky names - would you be a Penarth Sea Breeze, a Barry Island Berries or maybe a Cogan Cwtch?!

image1 (88).jpeg
GB02061 (1).jpg

7. Sweet Tooth Post It Notes - £4.50

This super sweet post-it note set would be a great addition to a stationery addict’s desk!

image1 (89).jpeg

8. Cat Mug - £12.99

This mug is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful gold accents and a hidden message inside!

9. Periodic Table Notebook (£3.49) & Pencils (£3.75)

image1 (90).jpeg
image1 (87).jpeg

10. Christmas Popaballs - £7.99

A lovely present for somebody who enjoys a festive tipple! A delicious addition to a glass of prosecco or a gin.