Not Socks Again

Gifts with a Difference!

Can you help me to decide what to send?

We would be very pleased to do so, please telephone us during office hours or leave a message, or send a text/e-mail and we will get back to you.

Can you include some extra items which I will supply?

 Yes, provided of course that the item/s would fit into the presentation container in question!

Can businesses work with you to produce corporate/branded gift presentations?

We enjoy this work too, and have a section devoted to bespoke/commercial presentations. Please just contact us for further information.

Is your bespoke service likely to be expensive?

We hope that you won't think so. We are happy to work to a budget that you set and are comfortable with, starting from just £10.00. Remember though to include an element for post and packing.

Can I pay you up front to send out a year's worth of gifts and greetings cards?

Yes, this is a service we can provide, but to ensure that you and your relatives and friends get best value we might like to ask you a couple of questions about individual likes and dislikes.

Our gift presentations are usually placed in an appropriate container that is intended to be retained or re-used by the recipient (e.g. Tray, plate, mug, pot, tin) and are then wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, often decorated with ribbons, tags or little extras, and then packed into a strong parcel box and then made secure for travel with cardboard roll, filling chips, bubble wrap and the like.

What sort of wrapping and packaging materials do you use?

Postage and packing is based on the weight of the items you are ordering. If you are ordering multiple gifts, we will always try to package them together as best we can to reduce delivery and packaging costs.

Are your postage and packing prices based on weight?

Very probably, but to be sure why not ask us in advance?

Can you discount p&p if I order more than one item per delivery?

Yes. Please just let us know by adding a note before completing your order.


Can I place an order now but select a later delivery date? I want to order a hamper now but I don't need it delivered right away?