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NSA Terms & Conditions
(Online Purchses)

We hope that you will find these terms and conditions easy to follow. Please do take time to read them through before you place your order, and, if you do have any queries arising from them, if you contact us before placing your order we'll do our very best to advise. 

These conditions apply to all transactions made online between Not Socks Again ('NSA') and any person, company or entity (“the Purchaser”) placing an order online with NSA for the provision and/or supply of any goods (“Goods”), other than those made through the NSA Bespoke Service.

We recommend that you retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your own reference. Different Terms and Conditions apply in the event of orders made for bespoke goods (please refer to separate document)


  • In accepting any order for Goods from the Purchaser, NSA agrees to sell - and the Purchaser agrees to purchase - such ordered Goods at the price stated on the NSA website and confirmed in writing or by email subsequently, and on the basis of NSA's applicable terms and conditions.
  • We take great care to avoid typographical and other errors appearing on our website or in our publications, however we must reserve the right to change our terms and conditions/pricing/product details, without notice being given, although in the event that we do so, the Purchaser/prospective purchaser will of course be given an opportunity to review whether or not they wish to proceed.
  • Prices are shown in UK pounds sterling (£), and include VAT where appropriate. Orders from outside of the UK but within the EU may be subject to additional third party processes and fees (eg credit card transaction charges, or currency conversion fees) for which we cannot have


  • Deliveries of NSA goods will be through a selected third party delivery agency/courier (the Deliverer). The Purchaser will be responsible for providing the correct delivery address information, at the time of purchase, including postcode and a contact telephone number for the person/people/organisation receiving the Goods (the Recipient) which NSA or the Deliverer may use in the event of any unavoidable difficulty or delay in making a delivery of the Goods to the Recipient. Regrettably, NSA cannot accept any responsibility for late or non-delivery in the event that the address and telephone details for the Recipient provided by the Purchaser are incorrect or incomplete.
  • Where the Deliverer is unable to find a person to accept a delivery of the Goods, a contact card will be left asking the Recipient arrange to contact the Deliverer to agree an alternative time or alternative location for delivery, or for pick-up of the Goods from the Deliverer's own depot, according to the policy of the Deliverer. In the event that a Recipient fails to make such contact in good time, the Goods will be returned to NSA after a fixed period has elapsed; in the event that arrangements are made subsequently for a re-delivery of the said Goods, to either of the original or an alternative delivery address, the Purchaser agrees that s/he may be charged at the cost to NSA of any such additional delivery, and also, where appropriate, for the replacement of any of the Goods which may have perished or otherwise reached their manufacturer's  'best before' date because of the delay.
  • Goods shall be deemed to have been delivered successfully when the Deliverer obtains confirmation of the receipt of such goods from a person at the stated delivery address, which includes Goods delivered to reception, general enquiries or such like facilities at large commercial premises, hospitals, care and residential homes, schools, universities, government and local government buildings, as well as to other institutions and office buildings not otherwise listed here. Please bear in mind that, despite best endeavours, and for very good reasons, the Deliverer might not always be able to gain entry to an exact room, hospital or care ward or residential facility.
  • Unless stated to the contrary in our publications, NSA gift presentations are wrapped professionally to order and then packaged for despatch in cardboard parcel boxes. Occasionally the cellophane wrapping may require a minimal adjustment after delivery. This should not spoil enjoyment of the gift presentation.
  • In the unlikely event that a delivery is late, please contact us for further information, but please note that we can only consider making a refund for non-deliveries when the item concerned is classed formally as lost by the Deliverer.
  • Requests for Specified Delivery Slots
    Prospective customers may of course request that delivery of Goods be made on a particular date or time, and NSA will do its best to facilitate such delivery for that delivery slot, however specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed, and the Deliverer may not always be able to achieve delivery for a specified slot, particularly in regard of orders made at peak times (eg Christmas, New Year, Mother's and Father's days, St Valentine's Day and Easter). 
  • Customers are advised, wherever possible, to place orders as early as possible to both secure a particular gift presentation for the Recipient and also to help NSA and the Deliverer to work to satisfy requests for specified delivery slots.


  • NSA cannot be responsible for any disappointment caused by particular gift options ceasing to be available for purchase at any time because of circumstances beyond its control, however, it will always do its best to ensure that the number of each stock gift item available for purchase is shown on the NSA website in real time.
  • In the event of unforeseen difficulty ever arising after purchase, we will make every effort to contact the Purchaser to offer an alternative or a refund.

4. Substitution of Items

  • NSA wants everyone to be able to enjoy our gift presentations and we will strive always to meet requests for substitution of particular items, on equivalent terms where possible. Occasionally this may mean that we may offer or agree to replace a food item with a non-food item.
  • We endeavour always to supply goods as shown in our website or printed materials. Occasionally, for reasons beyond our control it may be necessary for us to substitute a particular item with another of equivalent value. 
  • Customers purchasing products for Recipients who are known to be sensitive to allergies, or where there is an allergy sensitivity in the household, should inform us of this at the time of purchase so that any substitution made is informed by this concern.


  • We try to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials wherever possible. We will be pleased to provide further detail on this upon request. Most items are despatched for Delivery in a strong cardboard box, and are presented wrapped professionally in biodegradable cellophane. Containers are intended to have a useful function after presentation – for example, they are usually decorative or useful mugs, trays, boxes, planters, pots or tins. Many presentations have appropriate or customisable decorations or ribbons attached, and individual items may also be held in place for delivery with adhesive dots. Parcel fillers are usually either recycled bubble-wrap, recycled corrugated cardboard or biodegradable 'chips'. 
  • Generally, gift presentations will be wrapped as shown on the website or in the catalogue. Occasionally ribbons and tags may vary from those shown in published images; if a particular design or colour is important to you (or you would prefer us to not use a particular design or colour) please inform us of this at the time of purchase. We will confirm in return that we are either able, or unable (usually only because of unavailability of a stock item), to fulfil your request. In the event that we cannot fulfil a request you will be given an opportunity to not proceed with the intended purchase further.


  • Photographs of our products in our publicity materials or on the website may feature props (lights, candles, tablecloths, plants and the like) which are not part of a gift presentation. In the case of doubt, please either refer to the list of contents for the gift presentation in question or contact us for confirmation. Generally however an item which is not listed as being part of a package will not be included in the presentation subsequently. Please also refer to the paragraph above which concerns packaging materials.
  • Images and photographs do not depict items at actual size, and depictions of weights and capacities may vary. Colours are portrayed as accurately as the photographic, printing and publishing processes will allow.


  • Despite our best endeavours, and those of our contractors and suppliers, NSA is unable to guarantee that our website will be online at all times, or at any particular time, or that it will always be free of error, defect or lacunae. 

Printed Materials

  • NSA will always try to ensure that its catalogue or a list of its contents are available in the English language in different formats, where possible, upon request.
  • Printed copies of the catalogue and other materials may not always be up to date, or otherwise free of error, defect or lacunae. Please see paragraph 6 for detail on possible variation from printed or published images.


  • We are keen to help where possible allergens may be a concern. For example, if a particular gift presentation is shown to contain a food item, or items, and you are unclear whether it does contain possible allergens we ask that you please do contact us prior to purchase for further information and, if you wish, to discuss possible substitution options. Our understanding of whether any of the 14 recognised allergens may be contained in products in our gift presentations will also be available on our website, as well as contained on manufacturers' original packaging. Products which do not contain nuts/peanuts as an ingredient but which are stated by their manufacturer to have been prepared in places in which nuts/peanuts are handled will be treated by us as though they do contain nuts. We can provide information as to whether a particular item is listed as having nuts/peanuts, as opposed to having been prepared in a place which handles them, upon request.  
  • Very rarely we may remove manufacturers' original packaging so as to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of a particular gift presentation; when this does occur we will attach the manufacturers' original allergens and storage information to the item/s. We will be pleased to respond to enquiries about this in advance of purchase.
  • We ask that where any product is being purchased for a recipient who is sensitive to any allergies, or where there is a concern about such in the household, we are informed by the Purchaser at the outset so that we can best assist.

Vegetarian and
Vegan Concerns

  • We will be very pleased to help customers to determine whether products are vegetarian or vegan diets, and again, to make suitable agreed substitutions where we can.

Particular Diets

  • We will be pleased to provide information on whether products may be suited to Recipients following particular diets on request; where we can, we will also suggest possible substitutions of particular items.


  • Most of our gift presentations will be capable of being stored in an ambient environment. Consumable items will not normally require refrigeration during transportation or upon receipt, although we would normally advise that to be sure that gift presentations containing such items may be enjoyed at their absolute best, they should be stored in a cool dark place upon receipt. In the event that an item requires a particular storage environment we will state this on the website.

Requests for Refunds - Damage in Transit, Receipt of Unwanted/Unsuitable Goods, Cancellations

  • Damage in Transit
    We work hard to ensure that all of our gift presentation products are received in perfect condition,  however, should a concern arise, please make sure to contact us about this within three days of the delivery date (by telephone, or by emailing us at so that we may investigate. Normally, we will ask that Damaged Goods are returned to us by post, packaged securely - if you are asked to return Damaged Goods, you should obtain a free Certificate of Postage from your Post Office when returning Damaged Goods, as we will be unable to offer either a refund or replacement in the unlikely event that any goods which are considered to have been damaged are not received by us subsequently. 
  • Unwanted/Unsuitable Goods
    Unfortunately, sometimes Goods may either be unwanted or felt otherwise to be unsuitable by the Recipient. Please contact us as soon as possible by telephone or by e-mail in order to arrange for such goods to be returned to us within 14 working days of their receipt. We will provide a form for completion for the purpose of making a Return. The goods should be returned to us in perfect condition, and the original packaging should be intact and undamaged. We recommend that registered post, or a reputable courier, is used to return Goods, as we are unlikely to be able to process Returns where the goods are not received by us subsequently, and there is no proof of postage.
  • Costs of returning Goods in these circumstances will be the responsibility of the
    returnee, although we may make at our own discretion either a full or a partial refund or offer a replacement in the event of damaged, faulty or incorrectly supplied goods being received. 
  • After we have received the goods, a refund will be made to the Purchaser's credit card; the refund will exclude the cost of delivery, and, as our items are assembled to order, we may also charge a standard handling fee of £10 in respect of the return of unwanted goods. Normally this fee will be deducted prior to any refund of purchase/other costs being made.
  • Please note that, in accordance with the European Union Directive on Distance Selling, goods which are perishable (including plants or flowers) or which are sold through the Bespoke Service (ie made according to customised specifications agreed with the Purchaser) may not be returned to us for refund.
  • Cancellations
    In accordance with the EU Distance Selling Regulation, a purchase may be cancelled up to 14 working days starting from the day after delivery is made. Where Cancellation is sought, you should contact us to give notice that you intend to cancel your order, and then arrange for the goods to be returned to us. We will provide you with detail of the process to be followed, however, please note that the Goods should be returned to us in perfect condition, with the original packaging remaining intact and undamaged. We recommend that registered post, or a reputable courier, is used to return Goods, as we will not be able to process requests for refunds arising from Cancellations where the goods are not received by us subsequently, and there is no proof of postage.
  •  An order may be cancelled up to 4.30pm 24 hours before the requested delivery date, or at the same time immediately prior to the agreed dispatch date if different. Requests for cancellations outside of this time may be received by us too late to halt the delivery, and in such circumstances the terms of the paragraph shown immediately above shall apply.
  • Normally, requests for Cancellations incur a processing and administration fee which will not usually exceed £10.00. This fee, if applied, will be deducted prior to any refund of purchase/other costs being made. Cancellations of goods offered through our Bespoke Service may be subject to different arrangements, which will be notified to the Purchaser prior to purchase.

Undelivered Orders

  • Unfortunately we must reserve the right to charge the Purchaser an additional fee for carriage costs, or for handling or if unusable content is returned to us in the event of
    failed delivery caused by the supply at the time of purchase by the Purchaser of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, or in the event that the Recipient does not respond subsequently to attempts by us or the Deliverer to try to arrange a rescheduled date for delivery.

'Force Majeure' – Limitation of Liability

  • NSA will always work hard to make all reasonable efforts to meet a requested despatch date, subject to the conditions noted above. NSA cannot, however, accept liablity for loss or damage due to delay or failure to ship as a result of any cause beyond our reasonable control, such as, but not limited to acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, judicial action, default by sub-contractors or suppliers, labour disputes, failure or delays in transportation, embargoes, wars or riots, or compliance with laws or regulations or jurisdictional change, or loss or damage caused by acts or omissions of the Purchaser or Recipient.


  • Naturally, we hope that customers will always be delighted with our gift presentation products, however in the unlikely event that a complaint arises, details should be communicated to us within 3 days in writing (or via email to We take complaints seriously and will endeavour to see that they are dealt with expeditiously. We will acknowledge complaints within 3 working days in writing or by email, and will provide a form, as well as an indication of process and the timescale for resolving the complaint and for keeping the complainant informed of progress. 


  • All designs, texts, NSA logos (including the 'Gwyn the Penguin' logo), graphics, images, photographs, and the arrangements of goods shown in images on the NSA website or in our printed materials remain under our copyright. Use of our materials without our prior consent being obtained from us in writing is not permitted.

Consumer Rights

  • None of the Terms and Conditions herein are intended to affect statutory consumer rights.

Sales Beyond the UK

  • NSA is based in Wales, in the UK, and all transactions shall be deemed to be covered by applicable UK law. At the present time, we regret that NSA is not able to despatch goods outside of the UK/EU. For sales beyond the UK, but within the EU, please contact us for details of transportation and other costs which may apply, prior to purchase.

Trading Details and Address for Business Correspondence


Mr JH McInally t/a:
Office 1, Fourth East Floor
Portland House, Bute Street
Cardiff Bay
CF10 5EQ


Telephone: 07842 559180 (office hours, answerphone available).